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KB productions

Connecting the dots of your vision so you can experience your dynamic production come to life.


graphic design



to understand, expand, and fill-in-the-blanks of your vision

to create cohesive, balanced aesthetics, and branding.

to execute a detailed “Run-of-Show, giving the project the wings it needs to take off

to manage any day of hiccups and ensure a smooth event.


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I am an artist dedicated to fostering digital connections

because I believe art should be able to reach any person that wants to experience it. I’m constantly blown away by the brilliant ideas creatives have floating around in their heads and in their notebooks. My gift is helping them take those ideas from point A to Z. Being an actor, producer, and content creator, I have a deep understanding of what it means to be an interpretive artist. Throughout our collaboration, my promise is to listen, ask questions, and bring my expertise to your project so that when it comes to fruition, you can say,  You read my mind. That was exactly what I envisioned.

Let’s take your livestream project out of your daydreams and into reality.

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"Kelsey Bentz made our virtual film panel an absolutely seamless success!

Kelsey handled everything else throughout the night - creating and managing stunning visuals and labels for all the speakers. I was blown away by the ease of the entire process, the professionalism of the production, and the top-quality look of the final product. We will definitely be coming back to Kelsey for our next virtual event.”

- Pearson Kunz

Artistic Director of Golden Pride Productions

"I was amazed by Kelsey's calmness. She's just total pro.

I have complete appreciation for the work she did throughout the entire process. We really valued Kelsey's talents and hope we can work with her again soon.”

- Josh Arker

Vice President of client relations, berger | hirschberg strategies

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