Hi there.

I’m an actor, livestream producer, and digital creator committed to creating art that crosses barriers and connects us.

Let's break the mold together.

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Where I'm rooted: 

Farm-raised gal and aspiring horse trainer from Portland, Oregon turned theatre lover when I realized I didn’t have to ride the horse to wear the costume. 

Grew up performing in local professional theatre productions and obsessively soaked in every detail about the people and world around me.

NYC-based actor & livestream producer calling the heart of the city her home.

2020 grad of NYU Tisch, where I learned to take big risks, trust my instincts, and embrace the beauty of ensemble work.


in motion

  • Saying YES to telling compelling stories that make us feel seen, heard, and connected - even from afar.

  • Using my keen eye for aesthetics and my virtual production expertise to help creatives & event professionals bring their ideas to life.

  • Cracking a seltzer (some days a La Croix, other days a White Claw) and bringing people together, both online and in-person. 





let's be